Answer for question 4506.

Do you enjoy traveling by airplane? Why or why not? What's the longest uninterrupted flight you've been on, and what did you do to pass the time?
I'm terrified of flying. I don't get jet lag after a transatlantic flight so much as PTSD. A 13 hour flight for me is pretty much a 13 hour anxiety attack during which I can rarely sleep, movies and games don't distract me. So it's a testament to how much I want to see the world that I've subjected myself to this several times to get where I wanted to go. It's gotten slightly easier over the years with prescribed medication. None of them can knock me out because of how on edge I am (and there's no comfortable position anyway), so I just sit there groggily counting down the minutes. I very much look forward to the invention of teletransportation.

Answer for question 4248.

What are your thoughts on vaccinations? Do you personally believe they play any role in the development of autism or other chronic diseases? What diseases would you like to see a vaccine manufactured against over your lifetime?
It's not a matter of "personal belief". This isn't a moral dilemma. Asking if I personally believe vaccines cause autism is like asking me if I personally believe gravity is a scientific conspiracy. I'd link anyone with doubts about vaccines to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aNhzLUL2ys